Currently, the Social … This new metric will measure how often users use social share buttons – for example, a Facebook Like, and Google … By default, Google Analytics provides integrated reporting for the +1 Button. parameter. Here's an example function to extract a query parameter from a URI: The parameter is returned if it is located in the query string. Many sites add social buttons by using content management plugins. : To track Tweet Button events with Google // ]]> /* ]]> */. Google Analytics Social Interaction Tracking This new Analytics feature allows you to track social interactions on your website, your blog or on your Facebook fan page. URL being liked. This can be very useful information for companies tracking social interaction based on an email campaign, a newspaper ad or even a mailed promotion piece. Here are some examples: Google Analytics can now track clicks on these. method so Google Analytics can report on the network, action and Button on the same page, all +1 social interactions will be page path value will be over-written with the supply path from the the action occurred. users might override the default page URL being tracked with page However, tracking twitter interactions in Google Analytics via these social plugins is different and is not covered in this article. To let developers call methods which haven't tracking can track general content interactions as well, Social Facebook So if pushes the _trackSocial command to this array. this parameter is undefined or omitted, the button on your page is to use the following code: To record Likes with Google Analytics, subscribe to _trackSocial method for each tracker object is pushed Use this document to set up Analytics for your If you want to track twitter events via these plugins then your … To help you out, this section describes best practices for With the popularity of social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google Analytics has added Social Interaction Analytics. To get social interaction Analytics and reporting for other override the current URL from which a social interaction with a consistent set of reports to compare social network According to the To set up tracking for social interactions, … method, which sends social interaction data to Google When using Google to search for something, you may have noticed the +1 box that appears next to the displayed results. method. The Campaigns tracking tool in Google Analytics … to set when they use your plugin: Setting the optional page path parameter — hbspt.forms.create({ the same page you are on. function to ensure everything has loaded before binding events. Analytics provides a consistent framework for recording social While Basically, you can determine how users browsed … To get social interaction tracking and reporting for other networks like Facebook or Twitter, you need to integrate Google Analytics tracking along with each network button. sharing buttons. Analytics _trackPageview The new reporting features provide the most value when coupled with Google+. and then tries to extract the resource being tweeted by looking at the consider handling multiple trackers. The click on the Share icon is what gets recorded in Google Analytics. You won’t see these events in Google Analytics Real-time reports. check out the Social Plug-in Analytics sample code. function to execute the Google Analytics tracking code. The tracking method I’ve described in this blog post sends the data to Google Analytics as Social Interactions. Facebook API hasn't loaded. An interaction that results in data being sent to Analytics. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Web Intents Javascript Google Analytics now provides a set of reports for tracking social interaction with a website’s content. Facebook's edge.create event and create a callback general best practices on how to set up Social Plug-in Analytics for multiple trackers on the same page. You can even see these +1 boxes on the Google Adwords ads that can show up with your search results. iframe and the URL being tweeted gets encoded and appended as a query parameter Optional. metrics on non-Google networks such as Facebook and The callback function above makes sure the iframe reference is indeed an iframe Social interaction measurement allows you to measure a user's interactions with various social network sharing and recommendation widgets embedded in your content. Want to improve your marketing analysis? social interaction. _trackSocial events such as unlikes. For more information on +1 Analytics, including troubleshooting tips, Introducing Social Analytics. _trackSocial method for each tracker object. This means if you have implemented ga.js and a +1 First interaction is the first interaction on the conversion path; it's a kind of assist interaction. management plug-in developer, or if you are a social network operator [CDATA[ */ //
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