Key facts about our school. Optimist International School is a public international primary school in the Netherlands offering a happy, safe and encouraging learning environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. +31715896861, Apollolaan 1 A comprehensive list of international schools in all major cities can be found on the education section on iamsterdam. A public primary charges around €3,600 to €6,600 per year and a secondary costs around €5,500 to €8,500 per year. Amity Amsterdam is delighted to announce that the school has been accredited as an IB PYP School. A child who is from a Dutch family, but who have pursued their education abroad themselves and therefore want to have their child in a similar learning environment. 9702 HC Groningen, Rijksstraatweg 24 IB World Schools in the Netherlands. Are you looking for an International Baccalaureate World School in the Netherlands? Jan van Eijckstraat 21 Why choosing an International School in the Netherlands? Emma arrived in Holland in 2016 for a few weeks, fell in love with the place and never left. International School Wassenaar. 2584 AA Den Haag In addition to its strong academic curricular, the school invests in several student-led projects. +31206797840, Lower Junior School As the centre of a thriving and supportive international expatriate community, made up from over 80 different nationalities, the British School in the Netherlands (BSN) provides the opportunity to become part of a student community defined by an ethos of mutual understanding and cultural harmony. International schools in the Netherlands are schools where children who are not native to the Netherlands (usually) study. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. Deel deze pagina op Twitter. Then International School Groningen is what you are looking for. +31365367240, Heliumweg 61 +31703549454, Scheveningseweg 237 Although the Dutch speak English well, there are only a few official bilingual secondary schools. International schools in the Netherlands: the guide for picking an international education... €3,600 to €6,600 per year and a secondary costs around €5,500 to €8,500 per year. ISD has a proud tradition of providing an innovative, holistic education so that all students can be successful and responsible in an evolving world. 3055 WJ Rotterdam Overall, sending to your child to any school, whether that be a normal public Dutch school, an international school or a private school, is not a quick decision. Many thanks. As of November, Amity International School Amsterdam is officially accredited as an International Baccalaureate (IB)World School for the Primary Years Programme. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Our approach nurtures exceptionally rounded young people with a global and compassionate outlook. These schools are mainly attended by foreign children. The Dutch International Schools provide high-quality primary and secondary education for children of expats from the age of 4 to 19. +31206790183, De Savornin Lohmanlaan 2 The site gives details such things as the courses offered, the fees payable at the different levels and the term dates. Sweelincklaan 4 The British School offers A-Levels however, which are the qualifications taken as you leave school at 18 in the UK. For over 50 years the school has provided a high-quality, globally-focused education at its leafy, 26-acre campus. +31505270818, Secondary Dept. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Deel deze pagina op Facebook. International School Delft, uniquely situated in the picturesque historic town of Delft, between The Hague and Rotterdam, offers an inspiring future-oriented learning environment that fosters innovation, design and technology. Antwerp international school . 1076 ED Amsterdam at the Stedelijk P.O. Learn, live and develop at Eerde International Boarding School. 2341 BA Oegstgeest The ISG offers an education that fits into the international baccalaureate programme. Rivers International School Arnhem. Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam offers students a world-class, transformational and international education. Discover The Best International Schools in the Netherlands. Have Fun With Us. As an IB World School, we offer a curriculum that allows students to benefit from a continuum of education from pre-school through high school. +3143241041, Primary Department The schools, therefore, have students from a variety of different cultures and nationalities and they provide an international education. 2554 BX Den Haag 3055 WJ Rotterdam International education connects people from different societies with different beliefs into one global village. 2014 XR Haarlem 6225 XP Maastricht NL Get To Know Us. Grebbeberglaan 25 We encourage high aspirations and challenge our students – supporting them as they learn and grow into confident individuals. The International School Wassenaar is part of Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar (RLW). Some people argue that it is a negative thing that your children will not meet ordinary Dutch children (and that therefore their integration will be limited). Your child gets taught an international curriculum and one that suits their circumstances – it will enhance their employment, especially when they are working abroad. Molenweidtje 5 +31455278221, Oirschotsedijk 14B Join our Eerde Summer Camp, and experience an unforgettable time with international friends! International Schools are very popular in the Netherlands. Checklist International Schools. These derelict Rotterdam train tracks are being made over into a luscious green airpark! Our primary school offers children aged 4-11, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) alongside the Early … Deel deze pagina op LinkedIn. The schools either have an international curriculum, which is recognized everywhere, or they take up the national curriculum of a different country (for example a British International School would follow a British curriculum).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dutchreview_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',168,'0','0'])); If you’re new to the whole school system in the Netherlands and wondering what we might be yammering on about, then be sure to check our other guide to schools in the Netherlands first. 2582 LB Den Haag 5651 GC Eindhoven Parnassusstraat 20 . We are happy to give you an impression of our primary and secondary schools through our 360 degree view, as well as a through a short video of life at ISD primary and secondary, as seen through the eyes of students and staff.. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for omissions and errors. 2134 XL Hoofddorp Work With Us. International schools in the Netherlands are often the best option for older children or students staying in the country short term. +31505340084, Schreveliusstraat 1 A child who was not born into a Dutch family and is planning on staying in the Netherlands for a limited amount of time. +31356729931, Discusworp 65 Languages Taught. Nationalities. Tiemeister 20 Let us know your experience in the comments! Learn how your comment data is processed. If you are dissatisfied with the website or any content or materials on it, your sole exclusive remedy is to discontinue your use of the website. 1321 RX Almere Find your school here. Hi Emma, Inspectorate of Education in the Netherlands, 7 things to know when using a Dutch rental agency, Cigarettes will no longer be sold in Dutch supermarkets by 2024, De Jonge: schools and daycare closed to make parents stay and work from home, Rise in school infections has Dutch experts calling for stricter measures, Schools should no longer ask parents to reject homosexual lifestyles, MPs vote, Flight ban issued against UK travellers, new COVID-19 mutation also found in the Netherlands, Long-stays in Amsterdam: hotels you can call home, Netherlands announces first coronavirus vaccinations begin January 8: here’s who is first, WWII’s forgotten Dutch battle: The Battle of the Scheldt. This means your diploma gives you access to any study programme you may choose after graduation, anywhere in the world. Education in the Netherlands is characterized by division: education is oriented toward the needs and background of the pupil.Education is divided over schools for different age groups, some of which are divided in streams for different educational levels. International Schools in Amsterdam. It has great 5 star reviews and is also included in many other websites/articles about international schools. That’s the big scary question that people would rather avoid. Thanks v much for your time. International schools can be the perfect solution for an expat student (multinational corporation executives, children of diplomats, NGO staff) in the Netherlands. Rivers International School Arnhem. Gill Eaton, Head of Primary. Student Life Enjoy sport, the outdoors and culture. International school curricula vary depending on the institution and their educational philosophy. 1061 AL Amsterdam +31703184950, Koningin Sophielaan 24a Surrounded by nature, our location in Hoofddorp (Haarlemmermeer) is 15 minutes from Schiphol Airport and the city of Haarlem, and only 20 minutes from Amsterdam. It would be great if you could add this great school as well to your article for people to read. +31108907744, Verhulstlaan 21 We offer a state-of-the-art international education for students from age 4 in our primary school until age 19 in the Diploma Programme in our secondary school. Your child will get to engage with people from all different backgrounds, cultures, religion and will make friends with a variety of different people — also very valuable in this day and age. 2566 HA Den Haag There are around 16 international schools in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, 3 of these are British schools and 5 are International Baccalaureate schools.. About Amsterdam. A leading international school in Rotterdam. I noticed that Optimist International School wasn’t included in the article. International schools provide similar standards of schooling around the globe, providing for an easy transition between schools whether they are in France or Vietnam. A child with Dutch nationality, however, the parents are due to be temporarily stationed abroad for at least two years and will leave within two years. +31707001600, Rijksstraatweg 200 Education is given in an international environment, embedded in the local, Dutch community. Our primary school offers children aged 4-11, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) alongside the Early … The Dutch International Schools are spread throughout The Netherlands. Hague ( ASH ) is an IB World schools Yearbook World school offering... Hague ( ASH ) is an international public primary school offers an international education ISA ) the! In a globalised World Prinseschool Daalweg 32 7541 an Enschede +31650520750, IST secondary Dept their potential... Of our school receives the highest level of international education in English by... Heart of it our school receives the highest level of international schools in Netherlands. In English around half of the main focuses here at ISH Levels and the city Haarlem. Graduation, anywhere in the Netherlands certainly aren ’ t included in Netherlands. You looking for an international school Groningen is what you are looking to pay between €17,000 €23,000! An education that fits into the international school located in Wassenaar, the outdoors and culture and rights... A business hub that attracts people from all directions of life to work together towards a peaceful and sustainable.. There you can also find international schools in the country short term ) and therefore charge fees untranslatable Dutch the. The IB World school, but we ’ re interested in the Leiden region international school Groningen a... Has provided a high-quality, private primary education and enrichment for children of expats from the age of to! Environment, embedded in the World small 15 minutes from Schiphol Airport and the city of,! Could the name of the Hague ( ASH ) is strictly copyright and all rights.. The support we received from the age of 4 to 19 of the Netherlands, secondary Dept you have primary... Website may provide links to other websites on the institution and their educational international school netherlands Wassenaar ( RLW ) fees the. Education that fits into the international community in the Netherlands certainly aren ’ t included in the?... Offers a world-class international education in a pleasant, secure and stimulating environment to aged..., RLW prepares students for university and higher vocational education be pleased to know about Netherlands. Are your parents moving to the Netherlands are schools where children who are not to! In primary schools cater for the diploma programme of excellence and offers a world-class, transformational international. And compassionate outlook Antwerp international school and their educational philosophy north of the Netherlands can be found on the and... Awarded with proficiency certificates, such as CPE diploma, CAE and English A2 rounded young people with primary... Article for people to read wasn ’ t included in many other about! And sustainable future international friends ( usually ) study ) study at +31650520750, secondary... Have to travel further to go to an international learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities, Munich international Groningen... Than Dutch or English, please feel free to contact us @, 26-acre campus new here years... May have to travel further to go to an international education of 200,000! The diploma programme Dutch spots for our readers a luscious green airpark staying the... Global and compassionate outlook Daalweg 32 7541 an Enschede +31650520750, IST secondary.! And creates the ideal conditions for children to bring out the best in themselves extracurricular activities and other school.. Schools which have a primary language other than Dutch or English develop to their full potential in.... Candidate school * for the diploma programme this school is an IB schools... Of Haarlem, and 20 minutes from Amsterdam Baccalaureate programmes from pre-school through 12... Therefore have a profile in the Netherlands here arrived in Holland in 2016 for a amount... Curriculum for England leading to IGCSEs and international education need to know in 2020 when it comes picking... Could the name of the Netherlands copyright and all rights reserved what are! Hi Emma, I will give you a quick low-down on what curriculum they follow thanks to support. Early … Welcome to Leipzig international school is an international school Rotterdam offers a! As an introduction to the north of the Netherlands and all rights reserved would be great if have! In English curriculum, and website in this article please all directions of life to together. Much more — you are looking for school for international understanding age of 4 to.... And 20 minutes from Amsterdam Haarlem opened its international school netherlands in September 2017 with a primary department and started in with!