google_ad_width = 336; While the first half of the hike is gruelling, it's only about a half hour of an uphike the the rest is pretty even (we did it in 2 hours bottom to greendrop). Address: Chilliwack Lake Road, Fraser Valley, BC. The drive out to the trailhead is a long drive from Coquitlam (120 km and 1.5 hours). Benjamin Zess set out on the Greendrop trail on Saturday (Dec. 12), but didn’t return to his car by the evening. var d=new Date(); Ideas for spontaneous outings can come from personal desire, conversation with a friend, and often just a great weather window. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park Short Term Forecast. google_ad_type = "text"; Eventually we made it out into the alpine and the trees thinned out up to give a beautiful view of the valley below, despite the cloudy weather. Beautiful Weather Lindeman Lake. There were a few spots where the trees opened up to have a nice view of Chilliwack Lake. A few years back I set out on a hike to Lindeman and Greendrop lakes but ran out of time before reaching the second lake. //-->, Home | Business | Outdoors | Chilliwack Canada Hotel | Photos | Contact Us | Site Map | Link to Us | Add your site Surveying Chilliwack Lake – Such a beautiful place . So it has been on my to-do list for some time and I definitely was going to 6. Ten minutes into the hike the trail gets steep. Clothing donations are converted to dollars raised to … His family, located in Ontario, hadn’t been able to get a hold of him and contacted the RCMP for help. The weather was not cooperating, on the highway we went through pockets of rain, hail and sunshine. 1078 views Just got back from Greendrop lake. SEVEN! google_color_url = "000000"; Our group was a bit “over” this hike at this point and kinda just wanted to hoof it out of there, not clamber over boulders. The trail was noticeably more developed on this section, with new wooden bridges and boardwalks in some places. View & download free wallpapers of some of these photos,