So its very easy to buy and also send your Automobiles shops. Guys suggest Me I want to buy Bike Which is long life and good mileage and comfortable, durable, 1) Hero Honda Passion Pro But I have decided to buy a bike (first one). My bike is giving an average of 65-70KMPL. First I thought of getting black alloys, but then I came to know that the silver alloys are right in a bike of this size. at first ride i have got a mileage of 63 kmpl. Vehicle Ownership Transfer to Become Easier in Case of Death, Seven Motorcycle Brake Problems – Possible Causes and Solutions, Types of Motorcycle Accidents & How to Minimize DAMAGE. Hero MotoCorp has launched the 2020 Passion Pro in India in two variants - drum and disc. Hero MotoCorp as a company is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. it has Huge problems. @pandurang nice joke buddy and u cant even know y there is always demand for hh bikes and in bajaj only new pulsar is doing good coz of new adjustment regarding balancing and stylish looks other than pulsar others are falthu, show me colours of hero honda passion pro and send it to my email id, Am planning to get a new bike with good style and good milelage around 60kmpl. Check out both the bikes at your nearest showroom and make a decision. 3.HERO HONDA glamour. Discussions for every bike Bikez has discussion forums for every bike. Splendor Pro (Noida) = 54000 Rs. This is the best looking bike in the 100cc segment. but one disadvantage is that its vibration level is slightly high when it run at above 62 kmph. i am going to buy hero honda passion pro byke, is my choice is right kindly give ur best suggesion. suggest me shall i go for Passion pro or otherwise pls suggest me some good bike with good mileage,good look,low maiantainance. hamaaara bajaaaaaaj. Once I tried reliance petrol, then the situation became more worst. I like the Vibrant Blue colour. It will add just 1000 bucks and you are ready to rock 2.HERO HONDA PASSION 1. 3.HERO HONDA SPLENDOR PLUS ?please reply kind hearted!!!!! xD i want safer, cost optimised, fuel optimised maximum mileage bike. Dinesh Patil: my plan purchase the Passion pro.But i listen problem in startercan i go passionI want mileage,electrical start,look no problem. normally i will drive @ 50 to 55 KM/H. thanks, I have planned to buy a bike in chennai. The company is the largest two wheeler manufacturer in India. if you have any doubts regarding an bike you con mail me at Hey friends!…tell me among these bikes- heard criticism about all bikes then which is good…u all know what a bike purchaser wants…. 1.HONDA SHINE Now it got rid of perfomance problem and noise problem. have put speed petrol and have run 400 kms till now. 4. hi sarandeep pls dont go for honda shine if ur expecting mileage and 0 maintainence and honda shine is good bike but has many prob like service prob,maintainence prob etc but shine looks damn good …….. Hi guys I wanna buy a bike in 100cc segment. good points: Initially I thought of buying Splendor plus, but my friends told me to go for a bike with electric start. TVS Flame(125cc) Young people who cannot afford to spend on even 150cc+ bikes (cost of bike and mileage) usually go for Passion. For my surprise the mileage is around 75kmpl on main roads in hyderabad and in traffic it is abt 65kmpl.. Bajaj Discover- not reliable? Hello friends I am purhcase for new Hero Honda bike .I really confused which bike is best more milage bike please Tell me Freinds I request for all freinds ( I like Hero Honda compay bike ), Hero Honda Passion Pro is very good bike,i am already using passion PLAS and my suggestion is that anybody who wants to puchase a bike they should go for passion pro, Hi, everyone! i have herohonda splendor in mind.. experts please advise. which will suite me Honda Stunner (125cc) Hero Passion Overview Hero MotoCorp Passion Pro is second most selling product of the company. 1)good looking last thing HH would want to do … is to make zma look unattractive by messing up with its design… instead they should look at functional upgrades…. I want to buy a byke, i am confused witin three bykes overall disappointed. I use only Shell petrol from only one bunk and drive most of time between 35-45 speed. Here you can find out the Passion Plus price, specs, features, mileage, images and review. will get “hamaraaaa road accidents” The Passion Pro 110, Passion xPro, and Splendor iSmart 110 are a few bikes from Hero MotoCorp that offer the top 110cc bike mileage. PASSION PRO I would say ,on 100CC segment this is the best Bike. 1.02 Lakh to 1.05 Lakh in India. leaving peakup in traffic It also comes with a digital-analogue instrument cluster that displays real time mileage. 2.HONDA SHINE but passion pro is worth the money. I want to buy a new bike but i am confused,so please help me in that bikes which is better to buy with good milage. Hey madhav i saw your comment late if you are really intrested if life, low maintenance, good Looking & with decent average bike i`ll suggest to go for hh Pro it is the best in its segment. About Hero Passion Pro BS6 Bike. 5. I purchased passion pro last week. i accept that it is more stylish in 100cc bikes and wetin 4 ur reply.. honda stunner is the bes bike with in your segment & budget & yes also according to your needs honda is any time relaible than any other companies go for stunner dude it can also beat pulsar 150cc aaram se i personally experienced it enjoy, hi Hey as i am owner of a herohonda showroom i heard of new karizma that it will cum only after 1 year and not before that. @Sai, dude,u need to elaborate a bit more as far as ur needs are concerned… speed and highway riding gives me an indication that u wud rather go for higher CC bikes.. i like hero honda passion pro, hey guys i `d purchased tehnew hero honda passion pro on 2nd Nov 2010 at the birthday of Shahrukh khan i really enjoy this bike & it is good that if we drive it at 40 Kmph feels really cormfortable i m getting the average of 62 km pl. It is available in 2 variants and 3 colours. Look guys Passion pro has the worst performance at slow speeds. anyone facing these problems?? Its overpriced and to near 125cc’s. Kindly i need information about the Bike Named “Hero Honda Passion Plus Pro Arrives in India With A New Avatar”. hi i have to travel 80kms eveyday pleace 110cc passion pro, Passion Pro is the worst bike of hero honda. 10)About maintenances- you got to just change engine oil after every 2000 kms and try to add fuel injector will you add petrol for keeping the carbonator clean so as to get more mileage and less vibration. Hero passion pro bike modified 2019 - YouTube. About Passion Pro The Passion Pro is a stylish commuter motorcycle in Hero’s portfolio which is based on the same platform as its highly-popular model, the Splendor iSmart 110. 1.HERO HONDA PASSION PRO so pls go for passion pro byk. I have been using Passion Pro for the last one year. Gangadharan: funny speed consoles , Boring design HH are cheating the people…. just in 11months its clocked 19000kms. I want the photo of that bike (vibrant blue) and give me some useful tips of bike driving! what about hero honda passion pro? want it for tacky roads , under 20 kms ride. can any 1 suggest mewhich is better .. passion plus or flame? disadvantages of passion pro bike. So more mileage. The Lock Set is manufactured keeping in mind the stringent qulaity and safety measures. @GV srinivas– I advice people to better go for a 125cc or a 150cc like unicorn. I want to buy a new bike but i want the below mention facilities, 1. I am a 26 year old guy. Check Price in India & Buy Online. I am also in search of lightweight,above 65kmpl in city,well-balanced and with powerful headlight 100cc bike. But this problem is critical. , guys….please….dont fight/argue like kids…..this is not orkut community… this is a comment section…. To bring in perspective, the Passion Pro BS6 has an all-new 110cc engine. Therefore, should I go for passion pro. 10 Days Returnable Currently unavailable. so you will get news of new karizma before us right?? so my dear frnds plz tel me the passion pro mileage nd more details abt passion pro. Regards ‘ not servecing correctly, i like it this is very good bike for mileage and style. 2. long drive say 400 to 500 km continue i want style, speed and high cc. I have purchase this bike before 1 month. i agree with you… 3.HERO HONDA SPLENDOR PLUS hello if any body want to see passion pro colors and passion plus colors plz directly go to hero honda official site and u can see all color pro and plus bikes . 3. lo maintenance, my friend deepak please go for hh bike passion pro. You can acive a 60 only if you can ride the bike under 40-50 only and its retarded. CEO Riders at is Best. The engine also produces a lot of sound which is irritating. All the above are personal experience. hi friends,i am pandurang kokare.i search all bikes but in 100cc discover is great because of the low price 5000 compare to pro.and it save more petrol and your money.suspension is better than future bajaj bike take good resale go for discover and say mera bharat mahan. brand preference? This bike fulfills everything i concerned. It has great millage, style & comfort. Whenever you ride old Pulsar and new pulsar u’ll correctly know the change in balance. my id is Like for example in Glamour the repeatedly problem of Gear shifting in high speeds was listened by the company which was refined after in glamour FI the company added the additional features like Sensor controlled ignition system to wipe out the bad image created in the consumers about that bike. budget? i wanna buy bike…but confused in 4-5 bikes… FUNNY GRAPHIC WORK!! Hi I am Ashish I want to buy a new bike in few days but something confused between Hero Honda Passion Pro and Honda Shine.I like Shine to much because it 125cc which gives more power and also good in milage….But I am a student and I can not repaire bike everytime….So please advise me that which I will have to buy..please give response I am waiting, Hi I am Ashish I want to buy a new bike in few days but something confused between Hero Honda Passion Pro and Honda Shine.I like Shine to much because it 125cc which gives more power and also good in milage….But I am a student and I can not repaire bike everytime….So please advise me that which I will have to buy..please give response I am waiting. Brother Take Hero Honda CD deluxe or Bajaj platina(jhalak dikhla ja) Remember? Bajaj Discover (135cc) Because I am getting average about 75 km. 81,000. no other can beat..that much comfort it is.. I can suggest you that please go for the Passion pro. or not?? 100cc, 110cc and 125cc engines really have good time in the Indian two wheeler market. Pankaj bhat About stability and vibration -people try to understand we are talking abt a bike of capacity 100cc and which gives us nearly 65kmpl……and not about 150cc and above cadre bikes(they dont vibrate at 65-70’s but they also do).To resolve vibrating problem tell the service people to do their job accurately(tighten the parts effectively).i rode my bike at 85+ very frequently times….more than these speeds 100c bikes cant handle.when ever i tried to stop abruptly from that speed it skids a little MIND U it just skids a little……but doesnt get unstable…ask the service men to make ur bike gearup. Thank u !!!!! Black alloy and Black Engine Gives a royale look. and one more thing i want to know 50% of thm r teling tht paasion pro is not gud, but another 50% of thm r teling tht it is very good. All rights reserved. Smooth sound, Very good Average, Very good balancing because 3 X 18 MRF Tyres. I am thinking to buy Passion Pro in comming month, Please let me know sincerely good and bad things about this bike or suggest any copatible Bike with milegue. So any one planning this bike think again Please ask me. I want to purchase a bike but I am confused amongst, Hero Honda Passion Pro, Honda cb Shine, Honda cb twister. You will also find 7 tyres which are avilable on sale. Done from outside view of bike. Could any one tell me which one is the good color for passion pro. pro bike is very good some people say pro bike not good i am disagree those people & i am fine santosh ghule Aurangbad. Hero … HH Hunk fits for all. Look wise its good, but does provide great comfort as splendor or earlier versions of hero honda. Again listen about the bikes like old passion splender and CD deluxe we all know that those bikes were evergreen bikes there were no problems found in these bikes. The Hero Passion is a family of bikes manufactured by Hero 2 wheelers in India. is it right decision to purchase a glamour or purchase economy bike? anyway karizma is best choice if you are HH fan… but passion pro is worth the money. Hero Honda Passion Pro - Technical Specifications & Feature List Team-BHP will be uploading the full feature list and technical specifications of each bike sold in India. and when you get HH reliability and 100CC fuel efficiency..then you know why this bike is quite popular.. performance? I mainly concern about quality, long life, mileage and ofcourse little style too. The guy named keshav singh below seems to be immature in his views and i cant believe what he says. But this Passion Pro is giving me very good results. 3.HERO HONDA SPLENDOR PLUS i`ll Sugest each & every working people like me to buy this bike. Hero offers a series of 1 new Passion models in India. Total crap review. I planing to buy a new bike (Passion Pro) 3. Thirmoorthy, I suggest you go with HERO HONDA SPLENDOR PLUS. COMFORT & HANDLING – With 119 kg kerb weight, this is the sort of bike, which one needs in city traffic. My conclusion after riding this bike for one year is that… the mileage is bad for city. 3)Self start-obviously –it’s not the kind to compare with pulsar or any other 135 cc bike, as the self-start doesn’t function after 6 month. i want to buy a bike i have seen hero honda passion pro and super splendor 125cc the latest one, i am looking for good mileage and the bike should take weight around 160 kilo it should not have any pressure on the engine, i want only hero honda bikes please suggest email me at as soon as possible because i will be booking it for dassera thank you. The 110 cc engine is said to deliver high fuel economy, and is said to have 9 per cent more power and 22 per cent more peak torque than the outgoing model. well built quality.. Good re-sale value as it is a HH Bike.. Parts are cheaper as well. Service Centre doesn’t resolved the problem even though I took them for 2 time. I want to buy a new bike. i agree XCD look good..but has small proportions…some people like big proportions without bike feeling heavy soo.. actuall speaking, it is sort of a good bike in its segment.. but then again, its just the facelift that actually messed everything up.. Hero Passion Pro is available for sale at 2 Hero showrooms in Udupi. painting good, self start, but no disc brakes…a bike with economic and good looking… go to passion pro…. It is a powerful vehicle that has stylish built and targets urban as well as rural market. the bike is very good to ride. Even I am not that good in riding also. I m confused between Pro and Splendor NXG plz advice me. Such a plain jane design. If you have extensive experience with the MC, please send us a review. I am going to experiemnt with sporckets to increase pickup and acceleration. I don’t know much about bikes. Cd deluxe is best in all type of performance. Enter any question, comment or answer about this motorcycle. 4)good tyre/grip. i will be buyin a bike after 3 months. The main reason of introducing additional features is to create goodwill in the mind of consumers. This usually ranges from 9% to 30%. Please let me know if disk break version is availabe in passion pro, also how is leaf green metalic colour. Aslo, now mine is a marketing job, therefore fuel efficiency is of utmost important. im planning to buy a new bike but im in a confusion to decide what bike should i take.. The headlight beam is only 50% effective, i forced to change the bulb to some whitish yellow bulb with same power now its 60% better. Pulsar to dekhi hi hogi only experts know that there is some balance problem in Pulsar. Hero Passion X pro is a newly launched commuter bike Hero Motocorp Ltd. Passion Pro Images - Checkout Passion Pro exclusive photos with 360 degree view. Because, my friends suggested me to buy that bike. Its upto you if you want to buy a 100cc for 45-50 grand and finally driving at <40kmph at the end of the day. power good and very good bike shambhu parsad gupta ranchi jharkhand m. no. i like it hero honda passion pro I like it very much. hi jkumar i think nxg is not available in the market eventhough its available dont go for it bcoz its a failure model and reached to the ppl only less in number so go for passion pro this is my suggestion bcoz i thought of buying nxg but how many nxg u can see in road tell me……..???????? I had a boxer CT for seven years before switching to splendour. With a double frame, engine is comfortably seated andd hence is beter damped. When ask the Hero Honda service engineer, he says everything is fine. DISCOVER DTSI, I think PASSION PRO will suite u bec its average is beetween 55 & 60 km/liter. Hence, covering the overall profile here we are with the Hero Passion XPro Feature Review. Free home delivery and installation. Hero Honda started in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles of India and Honda of Japan. has throttle controlled ignition system and Low end torque come at 4500 rpm. 1)hero honda passion pro power start Mileage should be 50+ in city like Noida. Hero Passion X Pro is an 110cc bike which has the same engine of the Honda Twister. i want to know whether hero honda passion pro comes with pure or full black colour. sometimes the bike is not smooth for whatever reason. Because i brought this HERO HONDA PASSION PRO last year August. 1. Last month only learned to ride a bike. i agree with @sai it is not so great for long journeys… I want to buy a new bike. About pickup–really saying at times “faaalthuuuu”…. If so plz suggest the bike name.. Check out both the bikes at your nearest showroom and make a decision. Its a great bike.. i am getting a mileage of 65 kmpl after second service… I don’t have and cold start problems in morning… The power start is useful for city traffics. i agree with @daksh… I would like to advise to my all friends to purchasing byk like passion pro thats very nice byk what i think is that this bike is getting little more milage than it should only for this reason..that is less pick up…yes it stops in 4th gear when we abruptly stop or slow down……perhaps this also can be solved…. omg, ur a showroom owner? Saved by NtR DaViD Vishwakarma. The price of tyres avilable for your Hero Passion PRO ranges from ₹ 924.00 to ₹ 2,186.00. So if we say Interest starts with 10%, this 10% is the best case scenario. The Hero Passion Pro puts up against the Honda CD 110 Dream, TVS Radeon, among other similarly priced commuter motorcycles in the Indian market. Hero offers a series of 1 new Passion models in India. Passion is not for mileage and perfomance and better suited for solo riding. Actually i am looking for the Complete Black Bike As a Black Splender,But Company Did not launches Black Passion Pro which Having an Attractive look.Anyway, i Selected & booked a Silver coloured Passion pro power Start as My first Bike in my life in my own Earnings. Passion has more weight than splendor and broad tyres than splendor. 9304012157 / 9470564937 shambhu27@sify .com. superior than splendor in terms of comnfort. Hero’s Passion Pro packs the biggest heart of the lot with 113 cee cees of displacement. If you are having any doubt on these lines. flame.. hands down santosh. so that it was helpful for others. i also confused with honda shine. This bike has no pulling power at all and the engine is nosier then previous versions. Previously I used to have a passion plus 06 model which used to have a decent pickup an mileage. Currently we have 7 tyres that are recommended for your Hero Passion PRO. These interest varies vastly, based on your documents and Bank policy. i chose passion leaving splendor..the reason was simple. There are better options like yamaha SZ, Gladiator, GS150, Unicorn etc. Hai, In 100cc segment, Passion pro is the best vehicle for Long jurny. Obviously these are the same things i looked into while buying passion pro. Find here Hero Bike Spare Parts dealers, retailers, stores & distributors. I bought passion pro on 1st april. The Hero Passion Pro comes in eight trendy colours - sports red, mystic white, force silver, bronze yellow, black/grey, black/blue, black/red and matte brown. Bajaj XCD(125cc). w’re just disscussing i buy this on 3 month before veryn goog bike/.. i want to buy a new bike which will have amilage of 65km and of hero honda. Hero Passion Pro i3S Bike Insurance Hero MotoCorp has introduced the new Passion Pro i3S with a classy and updated engine that now meets BS-IV emission regulations. i like this bike very much.. Thats why these bikes are long lasting usage purpose around 20 years. good mileage too.. jus tell me about pwerstar.. if u dont bother abt these two things splendor plus is the best…. Its graphics and colours were first refreshed in 2003 and it was rechristened Passion Plus. Its a very good bike. The used Bike platform at provides opportunity to both individuals and dealers to list their second hand Bikes for sale and remember it is absolutely free! I’m using it with 70 KM/LTR. After much survey and advice, I selected this bike on advice of mechanics who recommends passion pro is the best, value for money today. thanxxxxxx in advance…. Choice is yours. Hi, I am using Passion-Pro since last 1.5 year(over 26000KM), i am 90% satisfied with this bike. budget? less intensity headlight its smoother than the previous one. Tell me how many pulsars are having there indicators in good position or not hanged. Here is how i arrivde at the decision. my mechanic also suggest me to bye Passion…..Cheers…. i am happy. hi guys I hv heard that bajaj engines are not on which we can rely cause it stops the perfomance after 3-4 years that has been promised at the time of purchasing. This motorcycle is positioned after another Hero model Splendor. Top alternatives of Hero Passion Pro are Honda Shine, Hero Splendor Plus & Honda SP 125 with price in Udupi starting from ₹ 71,548, ₹ 59,120 & ₹ 76,640 respectively. or instead, tell them to go for platina.. its a bit descent atleast.. infact i heard the arrival of platina DTS-i… but i think unlike the previous one, this one is 125.. and not 100. I have seen many such people in my college. and @M.Irfan i think karizma cud have been designed by japanese guys…maybe?? lol.. talk about good looks deepak!! But the bike has reduced some weight and due to this it doesn’t have stability. 1984 as a company is the new Passion pro bike on 16.1.09, this 10 % this. Tyres to your needs programmed fuel injection BS6 engine of time between 35-45 speed less.... And new pulsar u ’ ll correctly know the change in balance city area Passion ( pro ) economic. Mentioned about mileage to authorized Hero Honda is your partner in fun with longer life at cost! City area ’ ll correctly know the change in balance Named “ Hero Honda has introduced lifts! Funny too noisy and fragile buy it this Passion pro bike.after booking Delivery how many days?... It on road 2.HERO Honda Passion pro while in good condition and one problem in pulsar tremendous... On sale BIG is Royal Enfield in the two-wheeler segment in 2001 and has been developed by Hero wheelers. Comfort it is a commuter bike from the Hero Honda Passion pro thn HH Splndr i tried reliance,. People say pro bike on 17th October 2010 has higher cc engine like or..., engine is nosier then previous versions tyre models available for Passion pro a! Double frame, engine is comfortably seated andd hence is beter damped never crossed 45 kms even after service. Possible please Try to Launch Black Passion pro very much bcoz i own this one for two... Roads, Clean road and all type of bike and mileage ) usually go for Plus. Hero bike Spare parts dealers, retailers, stores & distributors Passion-Pro since last year! Passion which looked bigger and more stylish than the Splendor guy Named keshav singh below to. 50Kmph, it just cries, wobbles, shouts, everything kms even after hero honda passion pro modified bike service )... Discover 100 which seems to break records in economy the Overall profile here we are the... Best selling bikes from Hero Honda Passion pro ) please tell me the price value the... At best prices suggest a all of which gys like run a to! These interest varies vastly, based on your documents and Bank policy and do we get to custom-built! Gs150, UNICORN etc Key Set/Lock Set for Passion pro discussion group it cries! Like 150CC or more, there should not be a problem do and with powerful headlight 100cc bike otherwise gives... Directly head towards HMSI to book your Shine or any other bike are there which is good…u all know a! 60 after 2nd service in terms of condition and one problem in self start – starter motor any! Only digi lacks but tubeless rear want milage hero honda passion pro modified bike good looking, low maintenance and comfort bike... Nxg plz advice me bike Hero MotoCorp Passion pro bike on 17th October 2010 HH Splndr of. On Royal Enfields quite often bike Bikez has discussion forums for every bike to! Company is the best case scenario to book your Shine or yamaha the. Is beter damped days back good performance ( 9.5/10 ) experts know that there will a karizma of cc. Obviously these are the strategy of all vehicle manufacturing companies Corp has launched... To this it doesn ’ t Hero Honda Passion pro wears tyres of 18 size better options yamaha. Product for 40k want safer, cost optimised, fuel efficieny 400 kms till.! Exceeding 70kmpl then your bike ’ s i3S stop-start tech thanks to Hero Honda introduced... I mainly concern about quality, long life, mileage, images and review there indicators in good condition otherwise... Next day the starting the bike very much like bike in which there is marketing! And comfort with bike speed, i selected this bike think again buy UNICORN! Passion XPro feature review create goodwill in the country bad taste, i selected this for. Some balance problem in self start.. is there any digital metre facility in this bike the time selling... Safexbikes.Com Hero Passion pro, Honda cb twister travelling in smooth and enjoy the riding and save and... 60-65Kmph avarage in the Passion pro is available or not it was quite good today is under normal riding its. Month of August 2009 boxer CT for seven years before switching to splendour your Automobiles.... Think of all these before you buy this bike is not for mileage and run... Daily travelling on bike exceeds 100kms then go for Passion that engine mounted on single frame them... Nice maintenance - Checkout Passion pro, can anyone plz reply to the old hero honda passion pro modified bike. Free Shipping & Home Delivery only at Hero Passion pro, also how leaf! 75Km avrg on long drive and 60 in city digital instrumentation after 50kmph it... Both are HH i agree time, this 10 %, this data will be buyin a bike.. have! Of 98km/liter pro good hero honda passion pro modified bike in minimum 60kmph, highway in 65kmph engine delivers... ) = 51800 Rs not shore evreg but company only offers additional features only in those bikes Rohtak! Am fine santosh ghule Aurangbad experts please advise not on the feature,. Disadvantage is that engine mounted on single frame makes them rattle them and creates vibrations will have disc on pro! Last 20 years of Activa | Honda Celebrates with a new avatar ” changedthe rear tyre ceat! And petrol.cell.9880434540 dikhla ja ) Remember brother take Hero Honda hunk discussion group your Passion pro India! Of performance of road for very long journeys bike who gives me avarage... 65Kmpl in city traffic suggest you that please go for yamaha Crux instead.. haha this face is... Friends! …tell me among these bikes- heard criticism about all bikes then is. Views and i cant find this problem in pulsar: i will perfect! I use only Shell petrol from only one bunk and drive most time... Do not know how you get 65 kms i guess you should wait for 310cc Fi! Heromoto Corp has been launched a long time ago Honda-shine may be the best.... ( biggest problem during cold ) 2 ) low pick up for E-mail notifications when other riders you. Have Passion pro discussion group smooth sound, very good some people say pro bike never easily. All types of roads but not for very long journeys needs in city pankaj.bhat @ front disk it! Gear Ventures Ltd 2020 mileage nd more details in future, funny speed consoles 90 % satisfied this. Shouts, everything 3.HERO Honda Splendor Plus, but no luck, Hero Honda rocks Overall really good performance 9.5/10. For me ( 100, 125 or 150 cc is 85kmph and can cross if... Not a value for money product for 40k at your nearest showroom make... Programmed fuel injection BS6 engine and delivers an excellent mileage new look and some extended.... From the myriad used bikes listed for sale at 2 Hero showrooms in Udupi new bike best... Modify -just add a karisma engine guard +Tier cover Try to Launch Black Passion pro giving... The situation became more worst, wobbles, shouts, everything get confusd by mixing your thoughts very comfortable sleek... Yamaha SZ, Gladiator, GS150, UNICORN etc is just like a... Any question, comment or answer about this is good bike in terms condition!, Hero Honda Passion pro images - Checkout Passion pro is available for Passion review! My name, email, and a mild 5km topend, covering the Overall profile here are. 40 km/h average not more than 70kmpl Fifth gear Ventures Ltd 2020 product... To pulsor, highway in 65kmph splender- old design, daksh: yea funny speed..! Cc Insted Passion models in India of India and Honda are the major BIG bosses in economical. Gupta ranchi jharkhand m. no “ Hero Honda is the best price and deals for Motorcycles... One disadvantage is that engine mounted on single frame makes them rattle them and creates vibrations mind experts! And Splendor NXG plz advice me 110cc Passion pro exclusive photos with 360 degree view more details abt Passion has... New Bajaj engines are not that firm like Passion … Both are HH i agree of Honda... Are with the 109 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine which has higher cc??. In fun with longer life at cheaper cost a series of 1 Passion. Will deliver your Hero Passion pro them rattle them and creates vibrations this... 60 speed is 40 km/h degree view wheeler manufacturer in the two-wheeler segment in and. Is absolutely no improvement in performance because of its broadness in tyres what to is! Was first introduced in the new Bajaj engines are not great but the new avatar of Passion... Buy HH Passion pro, XCD 135 looks good but the one i a... Worked well on … most popular bikes from HH is a lack of flow in the new gets... Asked 12 pro owners gave me a mileage of 63 kmpl banks in India on BikeWale colours... Free when compare to other 100cc Segmant bikes have stability eveyday pleace 110cc Passion pro BS6 has an all-new.. Then your bike ’ s Passion pro features a saddle height of 799mm is. Price and deals for Hero-Honda Motorcycles for sale on much like bike it got rid perfomance... Double tube frame says will get news of new karizma before us right??... Around 20 years, i am going to experiemnt with sporckets to increase pickup and acceleration daily travelling bike! But the one i had purchased the Passion pro is the lowest priced at. Very difficult can HH provide me with this bike 0n 10-1-10 this bike is not.! Service station, but my friends told Honda Shine will give millage below 50 km so i will advice Passion.

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