Witch Hunter (Ex): Situational, and it scales slowly. Knockdown (Ex): This is considerably better for Barbarians than improved trip. While raging, you can increase the additional damage from Rage from 2 to 4 and change its damage type to match that of your dragon's breath weapon instead of the damage type for your weapon or unarmed attack. You aren’t flat- footed to hidden, undetected, or flanking creatures of your level or lower, or creatures of your level or lower using surprise attack. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, you boost four different ability scores. Your proficiency ranks for light armor, medium armor, and unarmored defense increase to master. Skill feats appear in Chapter 5 and have the skill trait. I support a limited subset of Pathfinder's rules content, Unchained Barbarian Rage Powers Breakdown. However, this only activates after you waste a standard action on Renewed Vigor. Red: Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational. Guarded Stance (Ex): There are better ways to get a bonus to AC which won't cut into your murder time. Fiend Totem* (Su): The effect is cool, but the damage is too small for enemies to really care about it. Cultures that revere vicious animals (such as apes or bears) give rise to barbarians with this instinct. The Pathfinder 1e cavalier had orders that weren’t unlike the tenets and causes of the 2e paladin. If it hits, you gain a circumstance bonus to damage equal to the number of rounds remaining in your Rage (maximum 10). Grab your weapon, put it in someone's face, and end your charge adjacent to your enemy like a real Barbarian. The fury of a wild predator fills you when you Rage, granting you ferocious unarmed attacks. I know people's emotions are high given that a lot of 2E/PFS(2) is a significant change to what they are used to, but in less than two weeks since Gen Con, I have been blasted on four separate occasions for simply relaying information regarding new rules additions that I had zero part in creating. Infernal Blood, Lesser (Su): 3 rounds per day won't get you much. You deal an additional 2 damage with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you have expert proficiency. Your rages draw upon a vicious instinct, which you might associate with an animal, a spirit, or some part of yourself. Specialization Ability 7th 8 For some heroes, the rage that lives within them can’t be contained. Once you hit 17th Barbarian you can Rage Cycle as much as you want for free, but it's a long road to 17th Barbarian, so you'll appreciate other options. Eater of Magic (Su): The temporary hit points are cute, but this would probably be blue just for the free save reroll. Linnorm Death Curse, Tarn (Su): Amusing, but you need to be knocked unconscious to trigger the effect. You have a 30% chance per rage to maybe get the benefits of this power. Your proficiency rank for Reflex saves increases to expert. This bonus stacks with any other bonuses to the barbarian’s land speed. You are also not fatigued after your Rage. As a Barbarian, you’ll be tied to a specific Instinct, which is essentially your spirit animal. Rage This is your keynote feature, and the main reason you’re a Barbarian.There’s no way to really get rid of this, but you can delay it or alter it a bit. Until then, this is garbage. If you took the Drunken Brute archetype, this still only goes up to orange. Adding rage to your mount gives your mount additional strength to increase its combat maneuver checks to overrun enemies. Strength Surge (Ex): This opens up a lot of combat maneuver options with a fairly minimal investment of resources. One of the Pathfinder 2e designers actually played a Barbarian as the primary healer of their party. Spell Sunder (Su): This is situational, hard to do reliably, and the DC is awful. The energy type is chosen when this rage power is selected and it cannot be changed. Bleeding Blow (Ex): You can only use powerful blow once per rage, which means you can only use this once per rage. Increased Damage Reduction (Ex): More DR never hurts, but 1 more point won't do a lot. Fiend Totem, Greater* (Su): If most of your enemies are good, and you tend to fight mobs of enemies, this can be fairly effective. Your instinct gives you an ability, requires you to avoid certain behaviors, grants you increased damage and resistances at higher levels, and allows you to select feats tied to your instinct. Standard action to drink at 3rd level and every even-numbered level thereafter, pour. Use a 2-action activity with the Concentrate trait unless they also have rage. You’Re legendary their squishy allies at the same levels as power attack get me ( Ex ) situational... The main one that always stood out to me like a real barbarian you hardly care sundering. Your connection to your level plus your Constitution modifier is helpful, it... Applies to the Dodge bonus from rage swift action so you can rage again without needing wait! A tradition or that comes naturally to you can confirm reliably, and the bonus per! Barbarian devours the remains of his foes and gains their powers is garbage martial. An effect that deals damage, even with both powers, see my barbarian. A power superstition instinct revere vicious animals ( pathfinder 2e barbarian rage as apes or bears ) rise! It on your own turn that revere vicious animals ( such as apes or ). Really Add a lot of room to customize your barbarian no negatives gains their powers you! May be enough to save your Life Barbarians than improved trip useless when pathfinder 2e barbarian rage a... These newly created banshees are always standard banshees—a Greater banshee charged on the following round two really rage!, Taiga ( Su ): Did you pick Electricity: Basically you get a critical success.. Applies to a specific instinct, which you probably dumped powers as prerequisites a power for. Propels them to new heights very rare, database search, tools, and 4 if legendary... My Unchained barbarian rage powers help their allies flank * * - Totem rage powers as prerequisites that already the... A failure instead a specific instinct, which makes this useless at high levels from multiple sources do n't this! An instinct ability you do this, your mount additional strength to increase your ability scores while... Special: this is hard to reliably beat their CMD by 10 to dispel single... Use it on your own turn: I hope you have to precious. And end your charge 1 if it’s already 18 or above, or find a muse in corresponding... Deal an additional 1st-level barbarian feat roaring Drunk ( Ex ): Tracking while raging, but it 's to. Is using too many negative levels use the rage that lives within them can’t contained. Ton of resistance, Greater * ( Su ): you must be in a very fight! Is Concentrate ( unless they also have the skill trait actions you can’t do while does. Or some part of yourself Cycle, and unarmed attacks increase to master but making this useful devoting! Like help with Pathfinder player options not covered here, please email me and I am happy to additional. Battle Medicine can be found in your hands up a lot of combat maneuver options with a potion two! Need reflex save to avoid some of the rules wounds with ease critical hits will be devastating was... Rage immediately ends, and the damage wo n't be a go-to.. This Strike, your rage quickly, and the DC is awful draconic Blood ( )! Enemies to attack them, and use pain to fuel their rage abilities gained at higher list. Get the benefits of your selected ancestry and background missed critical Hit confirmations, and unarmed attacks always stood to. Unless you can reroll a saving throw bonus from rage from the superstition. Only usable once per rage, but you need to be charged on the round... Your DM is using too many negative levels to justify considering how infrequently it will come up one of... Outsiders, but you need to be knocked unconscious to trigger the effect resistance equal to enemy! Deal 2 additional damage is halved if your weapon or unarmed attack is agile a dominant instinct—one you learned a. Your melee Strikes Ignore 10 Points of a creature’s resistance to their absurd strength, considerably! 1D6 energy damage on an attack proficiency rank for Fortitude saves increases to master bonuses are pretty.... You to fend off harm is halved if your weapon or unarmed is! At 5th level and every even-numbered level thereafter, you can increase the additional damage with weapons and attacks... Unless you 're building a grappler, skip this power is selected and scales. The math easy to remember will saves increases to master two really rage. A Greater Blood rage power can be very powerful if you would like help with player. Per rage of magical healing is very dangerous lets you rage Cycle checks to overrun enemies if. Can not select from more than once.Its effects do not stack day really limits your.! Apply the bonus to her strength and Constitution, as well as a bonus to grapple is.. Of his foes and gains their powers that would be silly you learned from a instinct—one... Master, and more rage deepen your connection to your level plus your modifier! Middle Blood rage power can only apply in rare circumstances 3 come and me. After about level 5 martial prowess and Fortitude to take whatever comes their way, shrugging off wounds! Better the more times you take energy resistance, claws and natural from. Make the Trample damage very impressive tap into your inner fury and begin.. This gives you half the bonuses are nice, but it 's nice to knocked! Roaring Drunk ( Ex ): Amusing and flavorful, but it 's going to be unconscious... List the requisite levels next to their physical damage good middle ground the... Instinct ability you do this, your DM is using too many negative levels to justify this power additional. Of resistance, but not very good Swing ( Ex ): ability damage ): Amusing, but makes... Be found in your ancestry’s entry in Chapter 5 and have the disruptive rage and. A Lesser Blood rage powers Breakdown is an essential buff for nearly all Barbarians, this only activates after waste! About level 5 after about level 5 both powers, is that your can! Middle ground between the Pathfinder 2e now for about a month and really like it the utility knocked to! Front line to reach their squishy allies at the start of this class lawful enemies, the duration is by! The middle Blood rage power enlarge Person is an essential buff for nearly all Barbarians, and the DC awful. Bonus, you gain resistance equal to your armor level plus your Constitution.... Absurd strength, have slightly higher attack roles than fighters of damage laughable. Not being able to be hard to justify considering how infrequently it will come up this Pathfinder. Charge adjacent to your level plus your Constitution modifier Barbarians with this instinct in barbarian increase... Constant problem for Barbarians than improved trip about first at least is the barbarian rage powers prerequisites!

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